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Deborah Krieger

I write about art and culture.

Arts writer/curatorial assistant. Swarthmore alum/Fulbright Austria grantee. I love museums, galleries/curating/pop culture/fan studies/tv/movies/transmedia/writing.

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WhiteHot Magazine

"In A New Space," Brenda Goodman Turns Towards the Light

It’s clear that these new works reflect a clear change not only in the formal qualities that have come to define Goodman’s decades-long career, but also in the emotional effects these works evoke. The murky and eerie element has been substituted for a clearer, brighter aesthetic, which is quite telling; Goodman’s body of work, which she refers to as a “visual diary,” as she calls it, has “always come from [her] emotions.”

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"The Bold Type" is Fun, But It Could Go Bolder

Is the vibe of sincerity real in The Bold Type, or merely a veneer applied like a coat of pretty nail polish because suddenly, feminism is fashionable?

Open uri20170810 30990 1jhbggw article

"This Beautiful Fantastic" Does A Messy Dance With The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

This Beautiful Fantastic does a messy dance with the specter of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, because Bella does seem to fulfill this role for Alfie, Vernon, and Billy in the diegetic sense, even as her subjectivity is placed at the forefront for the audience.

Open uri20170804 28574 17n9ddm article

'The Space Between the Stars' Is a Stellar Debut

Carefully balancing the demands of narrative, characterization, and theme, Corlett has created a thrilling and memorable story.

Open uri20170724 13001 4wql5d article
The Awl

Why Do Remakes Have To Be “Darker” and “Grittier”?

The question, then, becomes one of desire. What is it audiences are supposedly looking for? Is it truly nostalgia if the atmospheres of these reboots reflect our own times more than their original?

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WhiteHot Magazine

Marisa Merz Takes the Spotlight at Los Angeles' Hammer Museum

Is it better to present works chronologically to show the artist’s development and growth in the macro sense, or to group works by medium to show a more micro look at how the artist evolved their use of each medium?

Showtimegoma2017splash article

Do You Want to Be Dead or a Monster?: An Interview With Jen Goma

Goma says, “I’m a humanist. I give a lot of importance to human interaction and creation, so it’s just something that is inspiring to me, and helps get me up in the morning.”

Wills1ep1 article

Will and "Will" Struggle to Find the Drama in Shakespeare's Origin Story

I don’t relish watching more of "Will" until it starts to veer away from the clichés and give us a young Shakespeare worth rooting for.

Static1.squarespace article

How To Live Together: Videos, Sculptures and Photographs Explore the Complexities of Community in a Changing World

"How to Live Together" is hardly an abstract thought experiment; it has an overall message and mission to spread about coexistence—not only among humans, or among nations, but between humans and the earth itself.

0x6dd6792f96433583960c70a8a12f852e article

Review: Roland Kollnitz and Hermann Bayer's "Chance Acquaintance"

"Chance Acquaintance" never really gave itself a chance to be more than a lackluster display of some truly beautiful paintings paired with some less-notable sculpture.

Xtrakill copy article
WhiteHot Magazine

Artist Pat Riot is Ready to Rumble

[Riot's] work centers on critiques of mass media, politics, aesthetics, and commercialism, to name but a few ten-dollar words, with a specific focus on the very myths that make up and sustain the idea of United States. Powered by a 'tolerable amount' of THC and quoting Shakespeare and Guy Debord, Pat Riot is perfectly poised as an artist both predating and belonging to our current turbulent political times.

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Review: Yingmei Duan's "Thingness"

While the overall effect of "Thingness" might come across as scattered to a casual observer, it is in fact a carefully wrought exploration of Yingmei’s own complicated relationship with speech and with communication, using meaningful objects as vessels for the words she has always struggled to express.

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WhiteHot Magazine

Krinzinger Projekte's "Artists in Residence" Offers Some Intrigue, But Mostly Feels Unfinished

On the whole, "Artists In Residence 2016" lacks a larger cohesive theme or formal unity.

Static1.squarespace 1 article

Alma Haser Brings a Handcrafted Surrealism to Photography

"Thoughts and ideas come and go from our minds. We forget things and often remember again when we enter a dream like state."

Tv handmaids tale s1 do better s650 article

"The Handmaid's Tale" Is Important, Which Means It Has to Do Better

The Handmaid’s Tale, within the context of the show, clearly gives lie to the idea that all women are bound together by some vague idea of sisterhood, but the extra-diegetic aspects of the show’s non-approach to racial issues don’t reflect this keener approach to solidarity.