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I write about art and culture.

Arts/culture writer, Swarthmore alumna/Fulbright grantee to Austria. I love museums, galleries, curating, pop culture, fan studies, tv, movies, transmedia, & writing.

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Review: Yingmei Duan's "Thingness"

While the overall effect of "Thingness" might come across as scattered to a casual observer, it is in fact a carefully wrought exploration of Yingmei’s own complicated relationship with speech and with communication, using meaningful objects as vessels for the words she has always struggled to express.

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WhiteHot Magazine

Krinzinger Projekte's "Artists in Residence" Offers Some Intrigue, But Mostly Feels Unfinished

On the whole, "Artists In Residence 2016" lacks a larger cohesive theme or formal unity.

Tv handmaids tale s1 do better s650 article

"The Handmaid's Tale" Is Important, Which Means It Has to Do Better

The Handmaid’s Tale, within the context of the show, clearly gives lie to the idea that all women are bound together by some vague idea of sisterhood, but the extra-diegetic aspects of the show’s non-approach to racial issues don’t reflect this keener approach to solidarity.

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Photography Exhibition "I Dreamed We Were Alive" Combines Eye-Catchers with Head-Scratchers

Despite some truly eye-catching and satisfying motifs and rhythms created by clever juxtapositions, the displays, taken on the whole, are a bit uneven.

Kreyn   alone together  2 article
WhiteHot Magazine

New York Artist Maria Kreyn's Breakout Moment

Kreyn creates an eye-catching dialogue between the narrative content and the medium of a given work.

Sense8season2 article

'Sense8' Season Two Brings It All Back to Family

The focus rightly remains on the eight core leads, and the ten episodes of season two do an admirable job of expanding each character’s storylines, goals, and emotional depths without dipping into too many detours.

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Klaus Pichler's Photographs Find Human Emotion In Cultish Practice

Pichler walks a fine line between scientific curiosity about the utility of these rituals and gentle mockery of the blatantly consumerist aspects involved in these “esoteric” belief systems.

Static1.squarespace article

Restoring Queer Narratives in Art with Re-gayze

"The goal with Re-gayze has, and always will be, dissemination and (an attempt) at education. It is absolutely crucial that queer people understand themselves as a part of art history, both as subjects and artists."

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WhiteHot Magazine

Franz West: ARTISTCLUB at Vienna's 21er Haus

Even if the curator is not working side-by-side with the artist as equals, they still have an incredibly important job in figuring out how to connect the artist to the audience.

Thehandmaidstales1ep1 article

"The Handmaid's Tale" Is a Haunting Glimpse Into the Unfathomable

Timeliness of its themes and message aside, The Handmaid’s Tale is absolutely worth watching for the quality of the show on its own merits.

Lfriedman go home 01 1 article

Inside and Outside: An Essay on Leslie Friedman's "Go Home:

When describing her show, "Go Home," Friedman grows particularly thoughtful. Her words and intentions for this exhibition are informed not only by her artistic background but also by her studies in politics as an undergraduate.

19843 2 article
WhiteHot Magazine

Georgia O'Keeffe at the Kunstforum Wien

Georgia O’Keeffe ultimately provides a wide-ranging and visually sumptuous Austrian introduction to the artist and her work. Indeed, in an effort to avoid putting her in a box, the curators wisely chose to go broad and try to include a little bit of everything—her early years, her flowers, abstract works, and her later paintings inspired by her New Mexico desert setting.

Fantasticbeastswomen article

Mazel Tov or Oy Vey? Looking at Jewish-Coding in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Even if giving Tina Goldstein a Jewish star necklace in the next Fantastic Beasts movie doesn’t solve all of our problems, at least it will be a start.

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Arrival's Political Message Is Surprisingly Prescient: BUST Review

Arrival breathtakingly chooses to focus on the inherent meaning of communication and connection.

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"Carrie Pilby" Deserved More Than A Limited Release: BUST Review

Powley’s excellent work makes Carrie not only someone I feel could be real, but someone I actually find too close for comfort.